NRC: Check Verification Status for Your NRC Application Form

NRC Assam has now introduced a method which will help you to check the verification status/ NRC Assam hearing for your application. This facility of the 21 digit ARN based search will enable you to know the kind of verification that is currently applicable for your NRC Application Form. You just have to visit the official website and check if Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/ Lot Mandal/ Circle Officer NRC Assam Hearing is required against your ARN.


NRC Assam Hearing: Check Verification Status @

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Simply go to the website FROM HERE

NRC assam hearing

Now enter your ARN number and captcha value (You ARN is printed on your application receipt)

Hit the submit button

Now you will see below details

  • If any member of your ARN requires to be verified for either Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/ Lot Mandal/ Circle Officer Hearing, it will be shown against their names within this facility. Further all the details regarding the NRC hearing that includes – Date, Time and Venue are also made available in this facility.

nrc assam hearing

  • If your ARN is not under Family Tree or Gaon Panchayat/ Lot Mandal/ Circle Officer Verification, it will read as NOT APPLICABLE FOR YOUR ARN.

nrc assam hearing

  • If you see “TO BE SCHEDULED” that means the date of hearing for your ARN is yet to be decided.

Hope this article will help you to know about NRC Assam hearing against your ARN/ Application form. You can read more about NRC 2nd List or NRC Final Result or NRC correction. Share this news with your friends and help them to check the hearing date, time & center.

What is Family Tree?

We all know in order to include your name in the NRC Assam list, the existence of a person’s name in Legacy Data is important. NRC Family Tree is the detail of different generations of a family comprising the names of the legacy person(s) and children and grandchildren of legacy person. To secure an entry into NRC some unscrupulous persons may claim false linkage. So, in order to find out such false claims, it would be required to cross-check all linkage claims made against any legacy person.

What is Special Verification?

This verifications process for those married women who submitted the GP Certificates, Lot Mandal or Circle Officer Certificates with their NRC application form as a proof of linkage with the legacy person. Please note that the verification is not valid for unmarried women or any man.

If you have any question regarding NRC Assam hearing feel free to comment.


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