NRC Assam Result 2018 @ In this article, we are going to discuss everything about NRC Assam and will try to give answers to the frequently asked questions such as how to check NRC Draft Result & Legacy Data etc., What is ARN, Complete and final draft release date, how to correct my name in NRC and more. So just scroll down for details.

NRC Assam Result

About NRC Part/ Complete Draft

The much-awaited first draft of the NRC was published on 1st January 2018 at 12 AM where 1.9 crore people out of the 3.29 crore total applicants were included in the part draft list. The rest of the names are still in the verification process. So you don’t have to be panic as rest of the documents are under verification and will be included in the complete draft list if found eligible.

Check Complete Draft List Here

What is NRC (National Register of Citizens)?

NRC is the register which contains details of all Indian CITIZENS. The only time that a National Register of Citizens was prepared was in 1951 when after the conduct of the Census of 1951, the NRC was prepared by recording particulars of all the persons enumerated during that Census. Persons whose names appear in NRC, 1951 or any of the Electoral Rolls up to 24 March (midnight), 1971 are eligible for inclusion in NRC Assam List.

How will the NRC be Updated?

The NRC will be updated as per the provisions of The Citizenship Act, 1955 and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. As per the two statutes, the citizenship status would be ascertained based on the NRC 1951, Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24 March 1971.

NRC Assam Highlights

Official Website:

First Part Draft List: Published on 1st January 2018 at 12 AM

Verification Process After Part Draft Result: Starts on January 5 at full speed of the people who were left out in the first part draft.

Family Tree Verification: Starts on 17th February 2018

The 2nd List/ Compete Draft List: 30th July 2018

Name Correction, Claims and Objections: From 7th August

NRC Final Result: Not Announced

How to Check NRC Result in Assam?

There are different methods to check NRC result. Below we have discussed all the methods. You just to follow the steps to check your name on the draft list.

Check Part Draft Result @


Go to the official website:

Click on the banner “Publication of Part Draft is Now Active.”

Now a box will appear in which you have to enter ARN & Captcha

NRC Assam

Hit the Search Button

The result will be displayed on your screen like the below image.

NRC Assam

You can also print the result.

ARN Based Search in Complete Draft NRC


Visit Nearest NRC Seva Kendra

NRC Result

Make sure you have ARN number

Ask the NRC representative to show printed copies of Draft NRC

Find your name in the copies.


Update: On-demand SMS service is no longer active

On your mobile phone, type an SMS as follows

ARN space ARN number (Example ARN 101856721980000087961)

Make sure you have not activated DND on your number

Now send it to 9765556555.

You will soon receive the result

Check Complete Draft Result 

We have written a separate article on how you can check your name in the complete draft list; you can check the article by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NRC Assam Hearing?

This facility of the 21 digit ARN based search will enable you to know the kind of verification that is currently applicable for your NRC Application Form. You just have to visit the official website in order to check NRC Assam Hearing

What is ARN?

ARN is your 21 digit application receipt number. If you had submitted the application via offline method then you will find your ARN below the barcode in the right bottom corner of page D. If you submitted via online, then ARN will be shown at the top right corner of the online acknowledgement receipt.

NRC Result

I Have Lost My ARN

Visit your designated NRC Seva Kendra or Call 15107 (Within Assam) or 18003453762 (Outside Assam) and get help from NSK officials. They will ask you to provide Name of the head of the family or the registered mobile number which you submitted with the online application form.

NRC Draft

My Name is Not Listed in Draft List

The verification process is still in progress at full speed, and your name will be included (if found eligible) in the complete Draft NRC. So you don’t have to worry if your name is not listed in the first Draft list. Applicants who do not find their names in the Complete Draft NRC Assam will be given an opportunity to prove their eligibility for inclusion in the final NRC; Such applicants are required to submit their name Claim in the Prescribed form.

ARN Status Showing Pending

If your ARN status was shown as pending in Part Draft of NRC, that means your verification was not over before 31st December. Please do not worry as verification is in progress. Once your application is verified and found eligible, names will be added to the Complete Draft of NRC.

NRC Assam

I Have Found Wrong Details, How to Correct?

You will be able to correct your name or may file claim application if your name does not appear in the Complete Draft within a stipulated period at the NSK. Currently, this process has not started. You will be provided guidelines on how you can make corrections to errors in name and other such discrepancies in Draft NRC. As of now you need not worry about it. Keep checking NRC Assam facebook page for an official update on the same.

What is a Family Tree?

A Family Tree is the detail of different generations of your family comprising the names of the Legacy Person(s) and children and grandchildren of Legacy Person. Family Tree Verification has been started from 17th February 2018.

NRC Complete/ Second Draft List Release Date

The verification process is in progress and continually updating the Draft and will release the Complete Draft of NRC with names of all genuine Indian Citizens in due course of time. It is expected that the Complete Draft NRC can be published on 30th July 2018 if everything goes according to the plans.

Complete Process of Updating NRC in Assam

The process of updating NRC will be completed in 7 stages.

Legacy Data: The stage started in February 2015, and Legacy Data was publically available via both online and offline mode.  You can check data by visiting nearest NRC Seva Kendras (Offline method). Legacy data can also be searched by visiting the official website (Online method)

Application Form: Application form was distributed from last week of April 2015 so that people can apply for NRC.

Receipt of Application The stage started from last week of April 2015 where you received the receipt of the submitted application form.

Field Verification:  The stage started in June 2015 where an authorised person (NRC representative) were visited your home to verify your application.

Publication of Part Draft NRC: A partial draft of updated NRC was published on 1st January 2018 at 12 AM.

Publication of Complete Draft NRC: A complete draft of updated NRC will be published by 30 July 2018

Receipt & Disposal of Claims & Objections: Objections, claims etc. will be entertained after releasing the complete draft.

Publication of Final NRC: There is still a long way to go until the publication of the Final NRC. Final, updated NRC is likely to be published by  December 2018.

How to Get a Copy of the Legacy Data?

Visit NSKs: You have to visit your nearest NRC Seva Kendra and check the segregated hard copies of Legacy Data for the villages falling under the respective Kendra

Polling Station: You can check legacy data by checking hard copies from Polling Station

Website: You need to visit, and then select district, village and enter Voter Sl. No and age to check legacy data. After appearing the name, you can also print out of the copy.

NRC Legacy data

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